How to avoid carpet over cleaning issues?

While the cleaning of the carpet is highly important, in various cases, different carpet cleaning routines can also result in the carpet over cleaning issues. Just like the lack of carpet cleaning can lead to adverse effects for the carpet, the over-cleaning can also result in damaging the carpet and consequently limiting its overall life. In various cases, over-cleaning issues arise when people do not have a suitable routine for cleaning the carpets. Similarly, inappropriate use of different tools for cleaning the carpets can also result in over-cleaning issues, which can have damaging impacts on the material of the carpet consequently limiting its overall life. Therefore, in this article, we have provided some recommendations following which people can avoid carpet over cleaning issues and ensure continuous cleanliness and long life of the carpets. 

Developing a regular routine of carpet cleaning

It is important to carry out regular cleaning of the carpet, however, it should be carried out in a manner that does not have negative effects on the carpet itself. The regular cleaning of the carpet should involve daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning schedules. On the other hand, there should be different kinds of actions that need to be performed on the carpet during these schedules for ensuring that carpet over cleaning is avoided. Some of the proteins for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning are as below:

  1. Daily cleaning: The daily cleaning should only involve the dusting of the carpet either with the help of a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. The brush used for cleaning the carpets should be soft because hard brushes can have negative effects on the material of the carpet.  It should not involve the use of a chemical cleaner considering that regular use of the chemical cleaners can have negative impacts on the carpets. 
  2. Weekly cleaning: The weekly cleaning of the carpet may involve the use of a natural cleaner for removing the dust and dirt particles that are present at the base of the fibers of the carpet. However, we do not recommend using spot or strong chemical cleaners on a weekly basis. 
  3. Monthly cleaning: We recommend carrying out deep cleaning of the carpet cleaning involving dusting, vacuum cleaning, and the use of a cleaner to remove dust and germs present on the surface of the carpet.

Using appropriate carpet cleaning tools for avoiding carpet over cleaning issues

In various cases, carpet over cleaning issues is caused by the inappropriate use of different tools such as hard brushes, chemical cleaners, and various other equipment available in the market. We recommend using those carpet cleaning equipment that is suitable for the carpet material because otherwise, they will have a negative impact leading to negative consequences. 

Similarly, we recommend using a suitable amount of water and chemical solution while cleaning the carpets. Otherwise, excessive use of water will result in over-wetting, and chemical cleaners may react with carpet material leading to permanent damages. The use of brushing can also damage the strength of carpet fibers resulting in permanent damages. Therefore, workers should have these concerns in mind while performing the cleaning process. You can know more about cleaning tips how often should you clean here.

How to carry out effective carpet care during the lockdown?

How to carry out effective carpet care during the lockdown?

The overuse of carpet in a short period can result in negatively affecting the carpet cleaning, which is something that most households are experiencing under the corona virus situation due to which it is important to carry out effective carpet care during the lock down. The cleaning requirements of the carpet can also be overloaded especially when outsiders or guests are not visiting. Therefore, the increased continuous use and lack of appropriate care for the carpet can lead to serious issues, which may also cause health concerns for residents. It is also a time when dust mites, allergens, and other harmful substances can start to accumulate in the carpet and adversely impact people who have allergies and other health complications. Also, the corona virus cleaning recommendations also require that people take appropriate carpet care during the lock down. 

In this article, we have discussed some recommendations that people can follow for effective carpet care during the lockdown and protect themselves and their carpets appropriately. 

Awareness of dust mites, allergens, and harmful bacterias

It is important for the residents to be fully aware that increased use of the carpet and lack of appropriate cleaning will result in the accumulation of higher numbers of allergens and harmful microorganisms. They are not only harmful to those who are allergic but can also result in problems for common people especially when they have an appropriate environment such as the one available to them during the lockdown. Therefore, there are some tips that household residents can follow, which will help them carry out appropriate carpet care during the lockdown:

It is important to carry out regular vacuum cleaning of the carpet, which will be instrumental in removing dust mites and other small substances. 
If the vacuum cleaner is not available then a regular dusting of the carpet is mandatory. However, it is necessary to take precautionary measures such as wearing a mask while performing the dusting. 
It will be highly beneficial to use a sanitizer for cleaning the carpet so as to eliminate the harmful allergens and organisms present on the surface of the carpet. 
If possible, the carpet should have access to the open air during a certain period of the time so as to regulate the moisture and temperature of the carpet. This will prevent the large scale growth harmful allergens and bacterias. 

Cleaning carpet stains during the lockdown

It is possible that a wide range of stains may appear during a short period because of excessive use. It is essential for effective carpet care during the lock down to clean the stains immediately because otherwise, they will become hard after a certain time. The household residents need to be aware that some of the hard stains may not come off after the lock down is over and professional cleaning services are available due to which they need to take some cleaning measures on their own. We recommend wiping the spillage and pet stains immediately using a natural cleaner to reduce their impact so that it is viable to clean more appropriately later on. You can know more about cleaning tips how often should you clean here.

Some useful Spring Cleaning tips

Some useful Spring Cleaning tips

Spring cleaning is an important ritual that people usually perform during the spring season and it is highly popular in colder climate areas. During the winter season, the cleaning requirements of households are usually ignored due to which it is highly significant to perform an in-depth cleaning of the house at the end of the season for ensuring appropriate and healthy living conditions in the building. In this article, we will list some useful tips for achieving the best results during the spring cleaning ritual. Click here the site for more info.

Appropriate cleaning agents for different items in the house

We recommend using appropriate cleaning agents for different items in the house instead of using a single cleaning agent for all the items. Therefore, tips for cleaning agents are given below:

  1. We recommend using a baking soda solution for cleaning stainless steel items. It can provide effective cleaning results for all the steel items and takes less time to perform the cleaning process.
  2. Vinegar and soap solutions are useful for cleaning glass items such as windows and mirrors. A combination of two cleaning agents can also be used in order to achieve effective results.
  3. Lemon juice and citric acid are effective cleaning agents especially for removing stains present on different items.
  4. Ammonia solution can provide effective cleaning results for different metal items such as copper, aluminum, brass, gold, etc.
  5. It is important to research cleaning agents before using them since abrasive cleaning agents can also affect items for which they are not suitable.

General Spring Cleaning Tips

In case of cleaning has not been performed during the winter season then a number of different items in the building get severely dirty due to which it is important to clean them properly. In this section, different spring cleaning tips are listed in order to increase the efficiency of the process:

  1. It is important to clean carpet and upholstery items using appropriate cleaning methods since they accumulate lots of dirt while harmful microbes also tend to grow on these items, which can be a source of health hazards in the building.
  2. We recommend cleaning all the summer clothes and fabrics before using them since they may get unclean during the whole winter season. Clean the cabinets before storing the items. 
  3. Perform a comprehensive cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom as their cleaning requirements may have been ignored during the winter season. 
  4. During the summer season, the refrigerator is of primary use. Therefore, it is important to clean all sections of the refrigerator before storing items in it.
  5. Wash different items in the kitchen and especially that that will be primarily used during the summer season by performing a proper cleaning process.
  6. Empty water tank and clean it properly since it may accumulate dirt and other residue particles during the winter season.

How to perform the Musty mattress restoration process?

The musty mattress restoration process usually needs to be performed in case the mattress has been kept in storage for a longer period. Over the course of time, a stale and damp smell will start to linger in the mattress due to which it will not be possible to use it without performing an effective musty mattress restoration. Therefore, in this article, we will explain a process with the help of which people will be able to remove unbearable odor from their mattresses in a convenient manner using common household supplies.

Supplies required to perform the restoration process

A few supplies will be required in order to perform the musty mattress restoration and some of the important supplies are as follows:

  1. Baking soda powder: It is a highly effective material for removing musty smell from the mattresses and it is used commonly for this purpose. Therefore, an appropriate quantity of baking soda powder should be available depending upon the size of the mattress as well as the nature of the problem. 
  2. Cleaning agent: An appropriate cleaning agent will help in providing the desired results. We recommend using vinegar solution for the purpose since it is available in households and highly effective in cleaning mattresses.
  3. Sponge: A sponge will be required in order to rub the surface of the mattress for cleaning stains and restoring the original look of the mattress.

Steps involved in the process to remove musty smell from mattress

The process of restoring mattresses should be performed in a careful manner so that it does not affect the material of the mattress or reduce its elasticity. Appropriate and good quality materials should be used for performing the process in order to achieve better results. Some of the steps involved in musty mattress restoration are as follows:

  1. In the first step, properly dry the mattress under fresh air and sunlight. This will help remove the moisture content present in the mattress. 
  2. Now, spread baking soda powder on all parts of the mattress so that it can remove odor present in the mattress. Let the baking soda powder perform its action for an appropriate period before cleaning it.
  3. The next time, wash the mattress with the help of a small quantity of water and apply the cleaning agent on the areas of the mattress, which are highly affected.
  4. Now, with the help of a sponge, rub different areas of the mattress in order to remove stains present on the surface of the mattress. Continue the rubbing process until a clean look of the mattress starts to appear. 
  5. In the end, wash the mattress again with the help of a small quantity of water and let it dry for a few hours in the open air. 

How to Do Room-by-Room Home Cleaning?

How to Do Room-by-Room Home Cleaning?

Most families nowadays do not have time for cleaning home; that is why it is an overwhelming task especially when you neglect the cleaning tasks for a while. We have created some tips for each room in addition to how often you should clean your rooms especially the most used areas of your home.

1. Your Kitchen & Dining Areas:
Here are some tips to follow.
• If you do not have anything to do, clean the sink, wash the dishes, and wipe the surfaces.
• Floors need attention. If you keep your floors clean, just do a quick mob quickly. Every month, put a cleaning solution in the water and mop the floors in order to prevent any kind of buildup.
• Before shopping, clean your refrigerator and remove what has spoiled. That is how you make room for fresh groceries.
• Every few months, remove everything from the kitchen cabinets and wipe down all the surfaces.

2. Cleaning Your Living Room:
• The main problem regarding cleaning your living room is the mess that your family member create when they leave things out. Ask them to return the items to their places once they used it and to keep the living room always clean and organized. 
• You should dust your living room weekly or at least twice per month. Do not wait too long. Wipe down the surfaces that are not used frequently first. Mop the floor and vacuum carpet cleaning.
• Some people change the decoration of their living rooms by moving the furniture around every now and then. Move the furniture and try to reach the areas and corners where dust accumulates like under the sofa or chairs.

3. Bathroom Cleaning:
Your bathroom is either the cleaning area in the home of the dirtiest. Weekly cleaning is obligatory.
• The best place to start cleaning your bathroom is the bathtub.
• Wipe all the surfaces in order to prevent mildew.
• Clean the sink using a detergent to get rid of the buildup resulting from toothpaste.
• If you have a cabinet, make sure it is organized. Check all the items every now and them to make sure that there are no expired items.

4. Cleaning Bedrooms:
I know that most of us do not feel like making the bed once they wake up. However, once you make it, you will get the feeling that you have cleaned the whole room in just a few minutes.
If you have any kind of allergy, make sure to clean the linens regularly. 
Please, do not throw your clothes all over the room.

Green Carpet Cleaning, Dealing with Urine Smell & Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Green Carpet Cleaning, Dealing with Urine Smell & Cleaning Oriental Rugs

In this guide, we will discuss three main topics regarding carpet cleaning. They may seem separate. However, they are all connected to carpet cleaning. That is why we have compiled all of them here.

1. Green Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet cleaning uses many methods and chemicals that are not eco-friendly. If you are worried about the health of your family and have concerns regarding the environment, we recommend using natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly cleaning methods and products.
Here is how you can make your carpet cleaning eco-friendly.
• You can use homemade carpet cleaners such as white vinegar and water or any other homemade combination.
• There are many eco-friendly carpet-cleaning products out there.
• Hire a cleaning service offering eco-friendly carpet cleaning. Ask about the methods and the products used and do not just hire the nearest carpet cleaning service.

2. How to Remove Urine Smells from Carpets?

Pets urinate and accidents happen. You need to know how to take immediate action once the problem happens; that is the main key to get rid of urine smells and spots.
• When your pet made your carpet wet, act fast and remove it while it is still wet.
• If the urine dried, it will leave a stain over your carpet. It is a good medium for bacterial growth.
• Place paper towels over the soiled area and press on them. The paper towels will absorb as much urine as possible.   
•When you dry the stain, call in a professional carpet cleaning service or use a homemade or a commercial powerful urine remover to eradicate any possible damage or odor.
• The best homemade solution is a mixture of white vinegar and water. It neutralizes ammonia leaving the carpet fibers without any harms.

3. Cleaning Oriental Rugs:

We recommend hiring a professional rug cleaner who has experience in cleaning oriental rugs due to the following benefits.

• Preservation of Value:

Oriental rugs usually pass throughout the family tree. Hiring a professional rug cleaner will extend the life span of its beauty and health.

• Picking the Rug up and Installing It:

If you hired a professional rug cleaning service, they will send someone to pick it up and then they will come and reinstall it again.

• Deep Cleaning:

Hiring a professional rug cleaning service means that they will treat your rug with the best-specialized equipment.

The three topics we discussed belong to the same main topic; carpets. It is important to be aware of all the aspects of carpet cleaning in order to extend its life and beauty.

Cleaning Windows Tips: Fixing Window Scratches

Cleaning Windows Tips: Fixing Window Scratches

Cleaning windows may seem easy. However, you need to know many pieces of information before starting cleaning your windows.
It is a risky process and has many tricks. Knowing exactly what you are going to do will make things easier for you and you will manage to make your windows brighter. Cleaning your windows is essential for having a clean house.

If you have scratched windows, I know how frustrated you are. But, many scratches can already be fixed at home. It is kind of challenging. However, you can do it. 
What we are going to discuss are the superficial scratches. Deep scratches cannot be repaired.
If the problem is unfixable, you should hire a glass repair company to evaluate the situation. They have specialized equipment and techniques that can remove or decrease the scratches.
After finishing all the trials, they may recommend replacing the pane.

Here is what you can do if you notice a superficial scratch and you want to remove it at home.

1. Metal Polish:

Here is what you should do.
• Use a clean, soft piece of cloth and clean the area around the scratch. Avoid using towels or rough fabrics in order not to add more scratches to the glass.
• Use another soft, clean piece of cloth, dab it into the metal polish, and gently rub the polish into the scratch.
• Do not overuse polish. It may lead to creating additional scratches in other areas.
• When you apply the metal polish correctly, it will make the scratches less visible. 

2. Clear Nail Polish:

Here is what you should do.
• Use a window cleaner to clean the scratch and the area surrounding it.
• Use a soft, clean piece of cloth to wipe off the cleaner. Dry out the area and leave it for a while before starting dealing with the scratch.
• Try to apply the nail polish carefully over the scratch. Do not overuse and remove any excess polish with nail polish remover.

3. Homemade Scratch Remover:

Mix water, white toothpaste, and baking soda together to create a paste and apply it over the scratch. Use a soft, clean piece of cloth to apply the paste.
You should rub it in circular motions. Do not apply the paste outside the scratch.
When you finish applying the paste, clean the window with a soft piece of cloth.
You should repeat these steps multiple times until the scratch disappears completely. You can know more about cleaning tips for every floor here.

Cleaning Tips: How Often Should You Clean?

Cleaning Tips: How Often Should You Clean?

When it comes to how often you should clean your carpet, there are many myths and misconceptions out there. In addition, there are many misconceptions regarding how often a professional carpet cleaner should treat your carpet.
The most honest answer is that the regularity depends on the amount of traffic your carpet takes.
In addition to the frequency of cleaning, many cleaning activities can extend the life of your carpet and decrease the amount of dirt, dust, and other harmful organisms accumulating within your carpet.

Cleaning your carpets regularly has the following benefits.

• It keeps the floor coverings in their best shape. The surface of the floor will always look great.
• Regular carpet cleaning prevents any abrasive dirt particles from accumulating within your carpet and subsequently damaging its fibers.
• Prevention of any risk factor extends the life of your carpet.

There is a report done by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IIRC) showed the following points.
• You should clean your carpet deeply at least once per year.
• If you have low-traffic, clean your carpet once every 12 to 18 months.
• If you have high-traffic, you should clean your carpet deeply once every 4 to 6 months.
• Carpets, which are exposed to smoking, pets, kids, and high traffic, should be cleaned deeply 3 to 5 times per year.
• It is not only about the dust and bacteria that stimulate asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems, but also about the dirt, abrasive particles, and sand that decrease the life span of the carpet and result in early wear. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service is essential in order to get your carpet cleaned deeply. You as a homeowner should vacuum low-traffic areas at least once per week and at least twice per week in high-traffic areas.
If you have pets and/or kids, you should clean where they play more than once per week. You should also deal with any stains or spots immediately. Do not leave them to sink in your carpet fibers.

Please notice that it is not only about how your carpet looks. You need to worry about what the deep layers of your carpet accumulate too. The deep dirt and toxins within the deep layers of your carpet damage its fibers significantly and decrease the life span of your floor coverings.
One of the things you can do is to have all the guests and family members remove their shoes at outside of the house. This move prevents any accumulation of dust and toxins significantly.

Cleaning Tips for Every Floor

Cleaning Tips for Every Floor

Cleaning the floors is one of the activities that make our homes brighter. Some people hire professional cleaners and others clean their floors on their own.
Floors need regular cleaning. They get dirty all the time, accumulate dust and spills, and attract unwanted stuff all the time.
There are many cleaners available out there for all the types of floors. Here are the top cleaner types of floors.

1. Asphalt Tile:

• You should mop at least once a week.
• Mix one cup of fabric softener in water.
• You should not flood the floors. Just remove marks with a piece of cloth or wool and liquid floor wax.
• Rub clean and wipe gently.

2. Brick Flooring:

• Brick is porous; that is why you should keep the surface sealed and waxed. Use a high-quality commercial sealer.
•The vacuum then mop. Mix a cup of vinegar with water to make the brick flooring shine.
•Any buildup can be removed using solved-based wax and a wax stripper.
• DO NOT use any acidic materials or strong abrasives.

3. Ceramic Tile:

• If your flooring is glazed ceramic, it is stain proof. When it becomes unglazed, it becomes porous. Porous ceramic must be sealed.
•DO NOT use any acidic materials or strong abrasives over unglazed ceramic.
• Use an all-purpose cleaner to mop. Use a clean piece of cloth to dry.

4. Concrete:

• Concrete is porous; that is why it can be stained easily.
•First of all, sweep up any dust or loose dirt, and clean using a high-quality all-purpose cleaner.
• Seal with a commercial sealer.
• You should use a kitty litter to remove and absorb any kind of oil stains and/or grease on the floor of your garage.
• Use a stiff broom and spread it over the floor. You should start working from the back of the garage to the front.
• Use your garden hose and wash the floor.
• Some floors need to be treated with a heavy-duty floor cleaner. Apply it with a sponge mop then rinse and leave it for hours to dry.
• If you want to keep your concrete floors clean easily, use an epoxy paint or another strong coating.

5. Linoleum & Vinyl:

• Remove any marks with a piece of cloth or wool. After that wax, vacuum, and mop.
• It is easy to clean linoleum and vinyl. However, you should be very careful about which products you will apply to.
• Do not use scouring, flooding, solvent-based products, or hot water.
• Polish, use a one-step cleaner, or mop with a high-quality all-purpose cleaner. These are the best ways to clean linoleum and vinyl.You can know more about cleaning tips how often should you clean here.