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How to avoid carpet over cleaning issues?

While the cleaning of the carpet is highly important, in various cases, different carpet cleaning routines can also result in the carpet over cleaning issues. Just like the lack of carpet cleaning can lead to adverse effects for the carpet, the over-cleaning can also result in damaging the carpet and consequently limiting its overall life. In various cases, over-cleaning issues arise when people do not have a suitable routine for cleaning the carpets. Similarly, inappropriate use of different tools for cleaning the carpets can also result in over-cleaning issues, which can have damaging impacts on the material of the carpet consequently limiting its overall life. Therefore, in this article, we have provided some recommendations following which people can avoid carpet over cleaning issues and ensure continuous cleanliness and long life of the carpets. 

Developing a regular routine of carpet cleaning

It is important to carry out regular cleaning of the carpet, however, it should be carried out in a manner that does not have negative effects on the carpet itself. The regular cleaning of the carpet should involve daily cleaning, weekly cleaning, and monthly cleaning schedules. On the other hand, there should be different kinds of actions that need to be performed on the carpet during these schedules for ensuring that carpet over cleaning is avoided. Some of the proteins for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning are as below:

  1. Daily cleaning: The daily cleaning should only involve the dusting of the carpet either with the help of a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner. The brush used for cleaning the carpets should be soft because hard brushes can have negative effects on the material of the carpet.  It should not involve the use of a chemical cleaner considering that regular use of the chemical cleaners can have negative impacts on the carpets. 
  2. Weekly cleaning: The weekly cleaning of the carpet may involve the use of a natural cleaner for removing the dust and dirt particles that are present at the base of the fibers of the carpet. However, we do not recommend using spot or strong chemical cleaners on a weekly basis. 
  3. Monthly cleaning: We recommend carrying out deep cleaning of the carpet cleaning involving dusting, vacuum cleaning, and the use of a cleaner to remove dust and germs present on the surface of the carpet.

Using appropriate carpet cleaning tools for avoiding carpet over cleaning issues

In various cases, carpet over cleaning issues is caused by the inappropriate use of different tools such as hard brushes, chemical cleaners, and various other equipment available in the market. We recommend using those carpet cleaning equipment that is suitable for the carpet material because otherwise, they will have a negative impact leading to negative consequences. 

Similarly, we recommend using a suitable amount of water and chemical solution while cleaning the carpets. Otherwise, excessive use of water will result in over-wetting, and chemical cleaners may react with carpet material leading to permanent damages. The use of brushing can also damage the strength of carpet fibers resulting in permanent damages. Therefore, workers should have these concerns in mind while performing the cleaning process. You can know more about cleaning tips how often should you clean here.