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Cleaning Tips: How Often Should You Clean?

Cleaning Tips: How Often Should You Clean?

When it comes to how often you should clean your carpet, there are many myths and misconceptions out there. In addition, there are many misconceptions regarding how often a professional carpet cleaner should treat your carpet.
The most honest answer is that the regularity depends on the amount of traffic your carpet takes.
In addition to the frequency of cleaning, many cleaning activities can extend the life of your carpet and decrease the amount of dirt, dust, and other harmful organisms accumulating within your carpet.

Cleaning your carpets regularly has the following benefits.

• It keeps the floor coverings in their best shape. The surface of the floor will always look great.
• Regular carpet cleaning prevents any abrasive dirt particles from accumulating within your carpet and subsequently damaging its fibers.
• Prevention of any risk factor extends the life of your carpet.

There is a report done by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IIRC) showed the following points.
• You should clean your carpet deeply at least once per year.
• If you have low-traffic, clean your carpet once every 12 to 18 months.
• If you have high-traffic, you should clean your carpet deeply once every 4 to 6 months.
• Carpets, which are exposed to smoking, pets, kids, and high traffic, should be cleaned deeply 3 to 5 times per year.
• It is not only about the dust and bacteria that stimulate asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems, but also about the dirt, abrasive particles, and sand that decrease the life span of the carpet and result in early wear. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service is essential in order to get your carpet cleaned deeply. You as a homeowner should vacuum low-traffic areas at least once per week and at least twice per week in high-traffic areas.
If you have pets and/or kids, you should clean where they play more than once per week. You should also deal with any stains or spots immediately. Do not leave them to sink in your carpet fibers.

Please notice that it is not only about how your carpet looks. You need to worry about what the deep layers of your carpet accumulate too. The deep dirt and toxins within the deep layers of your carpet damage its fibers significantly and decrease the life span of your floor coverings.
One of the things you can do is to have all the guests and family members remove their shoes at outside of the house. This move prevents any accumulation of dust and toxins significantly.

Cleaning Tips for Every Floor

Cleaning Tips for Every Floor

Cleaning the floors is one of the activities that make our homes brighter. Some people hire professional cleaners and others clean their floors on their own.
Floors need regular cleaning. They get dirty all the time, accumulate dust and spills, and attract unwanted stuff all the time.
There are many cleaners available out there for all the types of floors. Here are the top cleaner types of floors.

1. Asphalt Tile:

• You should mop at least once a week.
• Mix one cup of fabric softener in water.
• You should not flood the floors. Just remove marks with a piece of cloth or wool and liquid floor wax.
• Rub clean and wipe gently.

2. Brick Flooring:

• Brick is porous; that is why you should keep the surface sealed and waxed. Use a high-quality commercial sealer.
•The vacuum then mop. Mix a cup of vinegar with water to make the brick flooring shine.
•Any buildup can be removed using solved-based wax and a wax stripper.
• DO NOT use any acidic materials or strong abrasives.

3. Ceramic Tile:

• If your flooring is glazed ceramic, it is stain proof. When it becomes unglazed, it becomes porous. Porous ceramic must be sealed.
•DO NOT use any acidic materials or strong abrasives over unglazed ceramic.
• Use an all-purpose cleaner to mop. Use a clean piece of cloth to dry.

4. Concrete:

• Concrete is porous; that is why it can be stained easily.
•First of all, sweep up any dust or loose dirt, and clean using a high-quality all-purpose cleaner.
• Seal with a commercial sealer.
• You should use a kitty litter to remove and absorb any kind of oil stains and/or grease on the floor of your garage.
• Use a stiff broom and spread it over the floor. You should start working from the back of the garage to the front.
• Use your garden hose and wash the floor.
• Some floors need to be treated with a heavy-duty floor cleaner. Apply it with a sponge mop then rinse and leave it for hours to dry.
• If you want to keep your concrete floors clean easily, use an epoxy paint or another strong coating.

5. Linoleum & Vinyl:

• Remove any marks with a piece of cloth or wool. After that wax, vacuum, and mop.
• It is easy to clean linoleum and vinyl. However, you should be very careful about which products you will apply to.
• Do not use scouring, flooding, solvent-based products, or hot water.
• Polish, use a one-step cleaner, or mop with a high-quality all-purpose cleaner. These are the best ways to clean linoleum and vinyl.You can know more about cleaning tips how often should you clean here.