Cleaning Windows Tips: Fixing Window Scratches

Cleaning Windows Tips: Fixing Window Scratches

Cleaning windows may seem easy. However, you need to know many pieces of information before starting cleaning your windows.
It is a risky process and has many tricks. Knowing exactly what you are going to do will make things easier for you and you will manage to make your windows brighter. Cleaning your windows is essential for having a clean house.

If you have scratched windows, I know how frustrated you are. But, many scratches can already be fixed at home. It is kind of challenging. However, you can do it. 
What we are going to discuss are the superficial scratches. Deep scratches cannot be repaired.
If the problem is unfixable, you should hire a glass repair company to evaluate the situation. They have specialized equipment and techniques that can remove or decrease the scratches.
After finishing all the trials, they may recommend replacing the pane.

Here is what you can do if you notice a superficial scratch and you want to remove it at home.

1. Metal Polish:

Here is what you should do.
• Use a clean, soft piece of cloth and clean the area around the scratch. Avoid using towels or rough fabrics in order not to add more scratches to the glass.
• Use another soft, clean piece of cloth, dab it into the metal polish, and gently rub the polish into the scratch.
• Do not overuse polish. It may lead to creating additional scratches in other areas.
• When you apply the metal polish correctly, it will make the scratches less visible. 

2. Clear Nail Polish:

Here is what you should do.
• Use a window cleaner to clean the scratch and the area surrounding it.
• Use a soft, clean piece of cloth to wipe off the cleaner. Dry out the area and leave it for a while before starting dealing with the scratch.
• Try to apply the nail polish carefully over the scratch. Do not overuse and remove any excess polish with nail polish remover.

3. Homemade Scratch Remover:

Mix water, white toothpaste, and baking soda together to create a paste and apply it over the scratch. Use a soft, clean piece of cloth to apply the paste.
You should rub it in circular motions. Do not apply the paste outside the scratch.
When you finish applying the paste, clean the window with a soft piece of cloth.
You should repeat these steps multiple times until the scratch disappears completely. You can know more about cleaning tips for every floor here.