Green Carpet Cleaning, Dealing with Urine Smell & Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Green Carpet Cleaning, Dealing with Urine Smell & Cleaning Oriental Rugs

In this guide, we will discuss three main topics regarding carpet cleaning. They may seem separate. However, they are all connected to carpet cleaning. That is why we have compiled all of them here.

1. Green Carpet Cleaning:

Carpet cleaning uses many methods and chemicals that are not eco-friendly. If you are worried about the health of your family and have concerns regarding the environment, we recommend using natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly cleaning methods and products.
Here is how you can make your carpet cleaning eco-friendly.
• You can use homemade carpet cleaners such as white vinegar and water or any other homemade combination.
• There are many eco-friendly carpet-cleaning products out there.
• Hire a cleaning service offering eco-friendly carpet cleaning. Ask about the methods and the products used and do not just hire the nearest carpet cleaning service.

2. How to Remove Urine Smells from Carpets?

Pets urinate and accidents happen. You need to know how to take immediate action once the problem happens; that is the main key to get rid of urine smells and spots.
• When your pet made your carpet wet, act fast and remove it while it is still wet.
• If the urine dried, it will leave a stain over your carpet. It is a good medium for bacterial growth.
• Place paper towels over the soiled area and press on them. The paper towels will absorb as much urine as possible.   
•When you dry the stain, call in a professional carpet cleaning service or use a homemade or a commercial powerful urine remover to eradicate any possible damage or odor.
• The best homemade solution is a mixture of white vinegar and water. It neutralizes ammonia leaving the carpet fibers without any harms.

3. Cleaning Oriental Rugs:

We recommend hiring a professional rug cleaner who has experience in cleaning oriental rugs due to the following benefits.

• Preservation of Value:

Oriental rugs usually pass throughout the family tree. Hiring a professional rug cleaner will extend the life span of its beauty and health.

• Picking the Rug up and Installing It:

If you hired a professional rug cleaning service, they will send someone to pick it up and then they will come and reinstall it again.

• Deep Cleaning:

Hiring a professional rug cleaning service means that they will treat your rug with the best-specialized equipment.

The three topics we discussed belong to the same main topic; carpets. It is important to be aware of all the aspects of carpet cleaning in order to extend its life and beauty.